Hardwood flooring: timeless beauty and durability

Experience the classic elegance and natural beauty of wood floors. Hardwood flooring is not just a flooring product but a long-term investment in the elegance and comfort of your space. With its natural appeal and durability, hardwood flooring continues to be a popular floor covering for homeowners and designers. Our extensive collection promises something for every taste and budget, ensuring you find the perfect match for your home’s decor.

Solid wood vs. engineered wood flooring: what's the difference?


When shopping for hardwood flooring, one of the first decisions you'll face is whether to opt for solid or engineered wood. Both types offer the timeless look of real wood but come with distinct characteristics and benefits.

  • Solid wood flooring: Solid hardwood flooring is what it sounds like: planks are milled from a single piece of hardwood. It's known for its longevity and can be sanded and refinished numerous times over its lifetime. Solid wood flooring is an outstanding choice for areas with less exposure to moisture, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas.
  • Engineered wood flooring: Engineered wood flooring has a top layer of hardwood bonded over several layers of plywood or composite wood. This construction method makes engineered hardwood flooring less susceptible to warping and swelling, making it suitable for basements, kitchens, and other areas with higher levels of humidity or temperature fluctuations. Engineered hardwood can also be sanded and refinished, although not as many times as solid wood, depending on the thickness of the top hardwood layer.

Both types of flooring offer a wide range of wood species, finishes, and styles, allowing you to achieve the exact look and feel you desire.


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Benefits of wood floors


Hardwood flooring is much more than its aesthetic appeal. Here are some benefits that make it a preferred choice among homeowners:

  1. Durability and longevity: Hardwood floors are incredibly durable and can last decades when properly maintained. They are hard-wearing and able to withstand the demands of busy households. The ability to refinish solid wood floors extends their life significantly, offering a fresh look without the need for replacement.
  2. Adds value to your home: Hardwood flooring is a sought-after feature in real estate, often increasing the market value of your home. Hardwood's timeless appeal and high-end look make them a great investment.
  3. Variety of styles: With hardwood, the options are nearly endless. From classic oak and elegant cherry to exotic teak and trendy bamboo, hardwood flooring comes in various species, stains, and finishes. This variety ensures that every homeowner can find a floor that fits their unique style and interior design.
  4. Health and hygiene: Unlike carpets, wood floors do not trap allergens, pollen, and dust. This makes these floors an excellent option for allergy sufferers and contributes to cleaner indoor air quality.
  5. Effortless to clean: Hardwood floors are straightforward to clean. Regular sweeping, vacuuming, and the occasional mop are all it takes to keep them looking new. Spills can be wiped away quickly without leaving stains as long as they are addressed promptly.

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Explore our collection of both solid and engineered wood flooring to discover the perfect foundation for your home. Whether you're renovating an old space or bringing character to a new one, hardwood flooring is a reliable and attractive choice that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Call or stop by Wylie's Floor Covering for more personalized advice and to see our full range of hardwood flooring options. Our experts are here to help you make the best decision for your space, style, and budget. Our hardwood flooring store in Bloomington, IN, serves Bloomington, IN, Ellettsville, IN, Spencer, IN, Nashville, IN, and Bedford, IN.
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